Agile HR training

More and more organizations transform into agile organizations to respond to change faster and to delight their customers. This requires new and different competencies of people within the organization. HR has to take on new roles and facilitate self-organizing teams. The result is a fundamental shift of traditional HR approaches towards flexibility: it is called Agile HR.

Ideal for

HR professionals and agile practitioners who want to understand how to facilitate their teams, their people or the organization in becoming agile. Knowledge of and experience with HR work is essential. Curiosity and an open mind to new ways of working is a must.

What do you learn?

In this three-day training you learn:

  • what an agile organization is and what the principles and conditions for it are
  • new roles for HR as an enabler of agile people and an agile organization
  • options for distributing HR tasks among self-organizing teams
  • agile ways of working for the HR department
  • novel approaches to traditional HR instruments, including feedback, performance and rewards

The training is practical, with a good amount of exercise and real-life cases from our consulting engagements. Through this training, you will master the fundamentals of Agile HR and acquire the tools and basic skills to apply it.

Our contributions to the Agile HR field

Agile HR is a topic we actively contribute to. Some examples:

  • The Agile HR Manifesto is a foundational document to the Agile HR movement. Our consultant Willemijn Boskma is one of the creators
  • Our Dutch colleagues wrote the book ‘Agile HR’, now in its 5th edition and nominated for Management Book of the Year 2018
  • We are the developers of the Agile HR Maturity Scan, which assesses HR departments on 5 dimensions of agility
  • We consult on Agile HR topics at Fortune 500 clients, as well as smaller organizations

Upcoming dates

12, 13 & 14th of June


New York, NY




Internationally recognized certification is provided by IC-Agile: the Agile Talent (ICP-TAL) certificate.



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