State of Agile HR 2022: 1000 downloads within 1 week

The State of Agile HR 2022 is live since January 27th! This is the second international research report that provides insight into the agility of people, organizations and HR-departments. Within a week, the HR-community has downloaded the State of Agile HR 2022 more than a thousand times. This is a significant increase compared to the previous edition. It shows that agility as a (strategic) focus area is growing in HR-professionals’ minds.
State of Agile HR 2022

Interesting facts from the State of Agile HR 2022

  • Almost three quarters of the participating organizations indicates they are embracing agile outside of IT
  • The most important reason for organizations to practice agile is “to motivate current employees.” This is a big change compared to the research from 2020
  • HR-departments that consciously formulate a strategy to increase their agility, achieve a number of results faster. Such as improving employee satisfaction and attracting new talent
  • Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) appears to be the biggest challenge for HR; in 2020 “leadership development” was the number one. We also note that HR has the intention to share more of the responsibility for SWP with teams in the business
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of Agile HR amongst HR-departments, according to 65% of respondents

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The top 5 reasons for adopting Agile within the organization

State of Agile HR 2022

Source: State of Agile HR 2022.


Why Organize Agile is obsessed with Agile HR

Since the publication of our book ‘Agile HR’ in 2017, we have been fully involved with HR-professionals and departments to build their agility. Why? Because HR often is key to changing the mindset of people and organizations for the better. HR has the potential to be an accelerator of agile transformations. But it does require HR-professionals and leaders to take on a more strategic role.


Are you ready for Agile HR?

Our ICP-AHR certified training is the most in-depth and at the same time practical course you can find within the field of Agile HR. In two days you will learn and practice with the most important principles, concepts and ways of working from the world of agile. Read more about our Agile HR course in New York.

Contribute to the future of HR

Are you an (Agile) HR-professional? A manager with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of HR? An Agile Coach/consultant? Or are you only just starting your first foray into agility? We would love to learn more about your experiences and findings. The State of Agile HR survey takes only about 15 minutes to fill out. As soon as the new report is published, you will be the first to receive it (just make sure you leave behind your email address in the survey).

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The 2nd international State of Agile HR

HR departments have a critical role to play in an organization’s endeavors towards becoming a more agile organization. In order to support this process it is essential that HR professionals are well versed in the current developments in the field of agility. Whether an organization is just starting on the path towards agility by experimenting with agile ways of working or whether they are taking on a full scale organizational transformation, the State of Agile HR provides insight into the experiences of other HR professionals and departments to offer a clear image of global practices and learnings.

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This year’s edition we bring the State of Agile HR to a new level by expending our collaborations worldwide. New Zealand and Singapore joined our team this year to share their vision and experiences on Agile HR. Our partner collective helps translating the survey and report in five different languages (Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish) and will ensure a better distribution of the survey and the report. Therefore, a shoutout to our partners:


About Gidion Peters

  • Founder of Organize Agile, a consultancy based in New York and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, focused on business agility.
  • International speaker on the future of organizations and the application of agile in fields including strategy, leadership, portfolio management and HR.
  • Consultant and executive coach at leading organizations, many of whom are involved in large scale agile transformation programs.
  • Authored two books with his team, on Scrum and Agile HR, both nominated for Management Book of the Year.
  • Initiator of the State of Agile HR 2020, the first international research report that uncovers trends in the agility of people and the involvement of HR in making organizations more agile. Published in five languages.

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Date: 8 October 2020
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The pandemic has shown that companies that do not sufficiently leverage technology will be impeded in their recovery. It is imperative for them to get truly digital. But the approach to get digital should be human-centred and support the agility of the organisation in the long term. The world of Agile HR brings the best of tech and human agility together and helps you drive the necessary change as we enter the post-COVID world.

How can you build digital capabilities with Agile HR?

Join DecodeHR Founder and Managing Director, Evelyn Chow, and Gidion Peters, co-founder of Organize Agile, in this live webinar on 18th June as they share their insights on how companies can accelerate their digital transformation by adopting an Agile HR approach.

  • Grasp the implication of these shifts, some of which may be irreversible.
  • Hear about how HR technology companies have started adapting their products to enable organisations to respond to the changing needs of their workforce.
  • Understand how utilising an Agile HR approach can accelerate the delivery of valuable HR technology and nurture the right DNA for digital transformation.


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State of Agile HR

Gidion Peters, speaker and author on the topic of Agile HR and initiator of the State of Agile HR, observes that HR professionals are often still discovering the workings and value of Agile HR. “HR departments can be of great influence in the transformation towards an agile organization. To properly support the business in this transformation it is essential to be well-informed about developments in the field of business agility. With the State of Agile HR, we hope to provide answers and knowledge provided by peers in the HR industry. This will help them on their agile journey: whether that is taking small steps or transforming towards an agile HR department or organization.’

Kirsten Bakker, who conducts research for the HU Univerisity of Applied Sciences within Human Resource Management, thinks that Agile HR can be a great source of inspiration for current HR departments. “Not only is there an opportunity for HR departments to support the business in its ongoing change and increased flexibility. An HR department that embraces Agile itself, might become more productive, add more value and provide HR professionals with more autonomy. In the end, whether these benefits are accrued, is an outcome of how well HR is able to manage its own change.”

How can you help?

We are currently collecting data for the State of Agile HR. If your HR department or organization is applying or would like to apply Agile ways of thinking, working and organizing, you can be part of this research! Click here to complete the survey. It will take about 15 minutes of your time. Participants who complete the survey before the 17th of May, 2019 are eligible to win a free seat in our 3-day Agile HR training in New York City or the Netherlands, which is certified by the International Consortium for Agile. Whether Agile HR is new to you or you are an accomplished practitioner, your experience will be very helpful. Learn more about the State of Agile HR at