Adventurer, willful thinker, entrepreneur

I firmly believe that agility is the key to the organization of the future. That is why I started Organize Agile with Gidion and I now focus entirely on supporting organizations and training and coaching professionals in Agile organizations.


Innovator, facilitator, entrepreneur

Throughout my career, I have been inspired by ‘social technologies:’ ways of thinking, working and organizing that can be universally applied. That is why I love translating organizational concepts from one disciplinary field to another. And why I travel all over the world to help organizations improve their social technologies.


Innovator, energetic, pragmatic

I made it my mission to have people perform with more energy. Only then, I am convinced, organizations can grow. Hierarchy and little autonomy have a paralyzing effect. Coming from Lean, I have continued on learning Scrum as well as organizing agile, and every day again I am surprised by the positive impact it makes.


Kickstarter, innovator, no-nonsense

Working in the Internet sector made me see big differences in the effectiveness of organizations. Getting to know Scrum, I was surprised to see how working with integrated teams was so much more effective than I had ever experienced before! In my ideal world, organizations are open to change and employees are offered space for their own initiatives and responsibility. In my opinion, the best way to make the most of your colleagues is to offer them space for exploration and confidence.


Doer, proactive, tackler

The last 12 years I have worked for a number of different companies. All those companies have their own idea when it comes to what a well-organized organization looks like. However, there are major differences in performance. Organize Agile is a passionate and enthusiastic team that believes in the impact agility can have in organizations. As the office manager of this fantastic team I take great pride in supporting their drive to create a more agile world.


Analyst, creative strategist, divergent thinker

Working at Organize Agile the past few years, taught me a lot about how organizations work (or not work). In this rapidly changing world, it is very important to be flexible. Through optimal marketing and communication I support this cool team, so that the agile ideas are spread further into the world.


Energetic, leadership, go-getter

How can you embrace that everything is constantly changing, how do you organize the work in a wat that you put your time and energy into the things that matter and have fun in your work? With clear vision, ambitions and priorities and setting concrete goals, you get results that really deliver value. It gives me energy to achieve successes together and to celebrate (the mistakes).


Gamification, teams, self-organization

Between the clever heads of Scrum Company I distinguish myself through my background in gamification and serious gaming. In my view, wonderful means to experience the added value of social technologies such as Agile, to learn accelerate and promote cooperation


Wonderer, organizer, sparring partner

Within (higher) education I have seen up close how having guts really allows you to change. No quick solutions, but actually dare to approach work in a different way and to put down a large part of the responsibility within the teams.


Pragmatic, people person, creative

I believe that the Agile mindset (and the associated frameworks, such as Scrum) enables organizations to embrace this rapidly changing, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. With a good dose of fun and creativity I would like to help you find what works for your organization.


Connector, inspirer, energetic

My ambition is to break through old working and thinking patterns within HR. The agile mindset and the way of organizing, helps to make organizations agile and thus future-proof. It brings the fun and “we-feeling” back into the organizations. I see an essential role for HR in this, which is often still too limited. Through agile we really go back to the WHY of our organizations, we break through silos and we are really connected again.


Energetic, pro-active, go-getter

With a lot of energy and positivity I help teams and individuals to achieve effective cooperation. An enthusiastic, professional and driven process supervisor with a passion for and knowledge of organizational development, behavioral change and agile working.


Agile transformations, fun, teams
My mission is to help organizations become healthy, productive and fun.  I’m out in the field consulting to the Fortune 50 on Enterprise Business Agility. My diverse background, starting as a programmer, project manager and then launching multiple startups, has created a dynamic lens to view organizations. My most recent successes have been transforming a large legacy organization into a modern workplace with breakout results.