Agile HR course

Agile thinking, working and organizing could well be considered commodity within IT and software development. Other disciplines are also increasingly focusing on agility, in both a strategic and a practical sense. HR is a good example: sometimes as an initiator, coach or practitioner of agile organizing. HR has the opportunity to help individuals, teams and leaders in their growth towards greater agility for people and organizations.

HR medewerkers en HR managers overleggen over de inzet van agile en scrum

Want to get started with Agile HR?

Date & location

23 & 24 February 2022 – New York

What will you learn?

The Agile HR course is packed with exercises and real life cases from our trainers experiences at various organizations. During this course you will experience several elements of our ICAgile accredited Agile HR course. After completing the course you will have acquired knowledge of the basic principles of Agile HR, agile working and the Agile philosophy. You will have learned how to become more agile as a HR professional.

Day 1:

Why should the HR Department be agile? 

We start by focussing on the need of agility in HR. We will learn about the fundamentals of Agile working. At the same time we will zoom in on the strategic part of agility. For this we will use the Agile Portfolio Management framework. We state ambitions and start prioritizing and focussing your running projects. Throughout the day The Golden Circles of Simon Sinek will be leading. 

Day 2:

Agile HR Tools

All commonly used HR tools can be transformed into agile tools: here’s your guide to agile HR tools. Growth Conversations and the agile job classification system are some examples. 

The Agile organization

We will zoom out and look at the organization as a whole. We will discuss agile business models, reflecting on your own models and we will start designing your (first) agile team. Furthermore we will dive into recognizing and ‘de-learning’ old patterns. We will end our journey by looking into leadership. According to our latest State of HR Research is leadership considered one of the toughest challenges for HR professionals. We will work on interventions that will help develop leadership to the next level.  

For whom?

(HR) professionals who want to get started with Agile HR. You are looking for inspiration and want to discover new ways of thinking, working and organizing. Together with a group of international HR professionals, we will travel through the inspiring world of Agile HR. The course has an international focus and is all about inspiration, exploring and getting started with Agile HR.


Why Organize Agile?

As coaches, advisers and trainers, we collaborate with organizations on a daily basis. An important part of our work is coaching HR departments and CHROs to innovate and improve their organizations. For example, we’ve helped the largest retail company in the US to redesign their performance management. And we support the Management Teams HR of a large telecom organization in the Netherlands with the management and prioritization of HR projects and activities. We regularly organize meetings around the Agile HR theme, such as the Agile HR Beach Party and the Linkedin group Agile HR.

Our contributions to the Agile HR field

Agile HR is a topic we actively contribute to. Some examples:

  • The Agile HR Manifesto is a foundational document to the Agile HR movement, of which Organize Agile was one of the creators
  • Our Dutch colleagues wrote the book ‘Agile HR’, which is now in its 6th edition
  • The international research report ‘State of Agile HR‘ is conducted annually by Organize Agile and international partners
  • We consult on Agile HR topics at Fortune 500 clients, as well as smaller organizations


After completion of the course, you will receive the internationally recognized ICP-AHR certificate by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile).