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We are an international team of coaches and consultants who believe that everyone can be a changemaker, stable teams are the engine of innovation and the future belongs to agile organizations. This is why we help business and government to organize agile.

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Gidion Peters will speak at the Synergy Online Forum about the Future of Agile Organizations

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Àpun Houben

Gidion Peters will speak at the Synergy Online Forum about the Future of Agile Organizations

Michiel van Gerven

Breaking the habit: Why is agile transformation so hard?

Agile transformation
Àpun Houben

Free webinar: Get Digital with Agile HR

Agile HR
Carmen Guerra Jurado

There and back again – How an omnivert scrum master became an international speaker

Minke Buizer

5 tips for designing an agile job framework

Michiel van Gerven

Fighting Crime with Agility: Lessons in agile transformation from the Dutch Police

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Why true agile transformation requires apex predators

Agile transformation

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Zombie Scrum – how scary is it?


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Business Agility is a key differentiator in today’s volatile reality. To harness the power of agile throughout the organization, leveraging the insights and creativity of people comes first. They come together in teams, which require both autonomy and leadership to be successful. In order to help people and teams thrive, both hard and soft skills are necessary. That is where Organize Agile comes in as your partner in Agile Transformation. With our international team of coaches and consultants, both in Europe and the US, support leading organizations in changing the future of work.

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