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We are an international team of coaches and consultants who believe that everyone can be a changemaker, stable teams are the engine of innovation and the future belongs to agile organizations. This is why we help business and government to organize agile.

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What is a DAO? The organizational platform that makes borderless collaboration possible

When you want to get something done as an organization, you easily run into various internal complications that hold you back. Processes, budgets and leaders all have the tendency to...

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The art of hosting as the key to a successful Obeya

At the annual World Wide Obeya Summit Obeya expeprt Mark Marijnissen shared his insights into how Hosting is the key to a successful Obeya. Watch the recording here.

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Changing organizations into skate parks: What I've learnt about change in complex environments through surfing and skateboarding

The Covid-19 pandemic gave me the chance to pick up a hobby that I’d let die off a couple of years ago. I simply couldn’t make it work with my...

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Sprint in VR

Hybrid working with Virtual Reality (VR) is still a completely new phenomenon for many organizations. However, one of the largest public organizations in the Netherlands is already putting it into...

State of Agile HR 2022
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State of Agile HR 2022: 1000 downloads within 1 week

The State of Agile HR 2022 is live since January 27th! This is the second international research report that provides insight into the agility of people, organizations and HR-departments. Within...

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The survey for the international State of Agile HR is now open!

The survey for the second International State of Agile HR is now online! With the State of Agile HR we strive to map the most important developments and challenges in...

We support organizing, thinking and working agile

Business Agility is a key differentiator in today’s volatile reality. To harness the power of agile throughout the organization, leveraging the insights and creativity of people comes first. They come together in teams, which require both autonomy and leadership to be successful. In order to help people and teams thrive, both hard and soft skills are necessary. That is where Organize Agile comes in as your partner in Agile Transformation. With our international team of coaches and consultants, both in Europe and the US, support leading organizations in changing the future of work.

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State of Agile HR 2022

State of Agile HR 2022

This international State of Agile HR 2022 is a research which provides insights into the biggest developments and challenges for Agile HR worldwide. It includes findings on the flexibility of HR departments, people and organizations now and in the future.