Agile Marketing training

Working Agile is a flexible way of working favored by marketers worldwide. After taking over the software industry, where working Agile is the norm, this new way of doing and thinking is now inspiring all other fields of business as well. There are many innovative marketing concepts, campaigns and marketing departments working Agile to achieve inspiring and surprising results. The number of marketers that are asked to work Agile with their teams is increasing and this often requires a change of their roles.

Organize Agile
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Ideal for

Marketing professionals and managers with the power and the ability to change. Specific experience is not required. Curiosity and an open mind to new ways of working is a prerequisite though!

What will you learn?

As working Agile entails a complete new way of organizing, it brings about multiple questions: What is Agile exactly? Does working Agile fit into my organization? And how would that change my role? What does an agile marketing strategy or agile campaign look like exactly? All these questions and more will be answered during the Agile Marketing training. We present case studies from the field, use Agile marketing literature, and introduce you to the four core concepts of organizing Agile: a flexible strategy, multidisciplinary teams, short cycles and visualization.


After this two-day Agile Marketing training you will understand and appreciate the value of working Agile in marketing and you will know how you can apply Agile marketing in your own organization. You:

  • Understand the background and the methodologies of Agile
  • Know how to put together an Agile marketing strategy
  • Understand the real impact of Agile in your organization
  • Recognize the prerequisites for a successful implementation of Agile
  • Know how to apply Scrum to a marketing project In this training we use real-life cases, both from the participants as well as from the coaches of Organize Agile. Upon completion, you receive a certificate of attendance.

Upcoming dates

September 28th and 29th, 2020


New York, NY


$ 2000