Agile Scrum training

Scrum is a smart, inspiring and innovative agile framework that helps you build successful teams. An ever-growing number of companies use Scrum to speed up their projects and deliver higher customer value.

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Want to get started with Agile Scrum?

Ideal for

Professionals, working outside of the IT domain, having the power to implement changes in their companies. Specific experience is not required. Curiosity and an open mind to new ways of working is a prerequisite though!

What do you learn?

On day one, we introduce you to the basic principles of Scrum and working Agile. You learn about all possibilities when using this technique, and we practice bits-and-pieces of the scrum technique. On day two, we dive deeper into the methodology. You learn how to set up a Scrum project in your own organization, understanding the prerequisites that need to be met. But mostly, we practice using real-life cases to get familiar with all aspects of Scrum.


In two days you will learn everything about the framework, the roles and the techniques of Scrum. You walk away with the skills to execute projects the agile way. Upon completion, you receive a certificate of attendance and you will be ready to apply Scrum in your company.

Upcoming dates

April 27 & 28, 2020


New York, NY


$ 2000

Do you want to learn Scrum? And do you want to be prepared to implement this way of working in your own projects? Sign up for our Agile Business Scrum training now and learn the numerous possibilities of Scrum for non-IT companies in just two days.