Speaker & Agile Coach Michiel van Gerven

Michiel van Gerven is an Agile Coach and Trainer at Organize Agile, based in the Netherlands. He has a penchant for Agile in unconventional environments and likes a puzzle. Currently he is the Lead Transformation Coach at an international insurance agency and coaches, trains and advises the Dutch National Police in adopting agile ways of working and thinking. And, most importantly, he facilitates them in embracing an agile culture and mindset. As Michiel always says: ”We can do this shit so much differently!”.

michiel van gerven

Working in the Internet sector made me see big differences in the effectiveness of organizations. Getting to know Scrum, I was surprised to see how working with integrated teams was so much more effective than I had ever experienced before! In my ideal world, organizations are open to change and employees are offered space for their own initiatives and responsibility. In my opinion, the best way to make the most of your colleagues is to offer them space for exploration and confidence.

Business Agility Conference, Johannesburg 4 February 2020

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