SNAP: Scale Model for Non-IT Agile

Many organizations have already implemented Scrum where several teams exist alongside of one another. In IT we see different approaches to work agile on a larger scale. For example by implementing LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) or SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). We have noticed that these methods do not always work out well in non-IT companies. What we do know is that having the whole organization working Agile, is possible. Therefore, we have developed the Scaled Network Agile Portfolio (SNAP).
13 March 2017
Michiel van Gerven
Scaling Agile overzicht

Agile Portfolio

The core of SNAP is the Agile Portfolio. The Agile Portfolio focuses on flexible cooperation within the scope of the program. It helps teams by creating connection, insight and focus. Agile portfolios can be implemented on all organizational levels. This means that one Agile Portfolio could be completely found within the focus area of another Agile Portfolio, since, ultimately, the goals of a team are tied to the higher goals of (part of) the organization. This opens up the opportunity to connect all different agile teams working in the Agile Portfolio; this is the beginning of a scaled agile organization.
In a SNAP organization, teams can choose different methods, such as Scrum for projects, or lean appointed processes for continuous work. As long as they work together towards their ambitions on the Agile Portfolio level. The decisions following these ambitions are not made within a hierarchical management structure, but rather by the concerned team members and product owners from different teams.

Permanent reorganization

With SNAP your organization could constantly be rearranged. When it turns out that different teams work on the same priorities or projects, they can either cooperate, or come to the conclusion that reason for existence has shifted. Then, purposes and ambitions need to be rearranged among the teams.

Agile organization wide

Just rearranging your organization is not enough. Using SNAP, your organization also needs to (further) develop leadership, (re) define customer value and adopt agile methods. More to follow on that subject!

Michiel van Gerven

Transformation Lead