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Webinar – The success of involving HR in the agile transformation

In this webinar you will learn more about the importance of involving HR in the agile transformation. What is the success of involving HR and where to start? Based on the first international State of Agile HR, we will dive into the three fundamental ingredients for HR to make the agile transformation a success:

  • Adopting a more strategic role
  • Responding faster to business demands
  • Developing an agile mindset and culture

Not only will we discuss these three fundamental ingredients and share practical tools / instruments, we will also share our experiences and real life cases.

* The State of Agile HR is a research which provides insights into the biggest developments and challenges for Agile HR worldwide. It includes findings on the flexibility of HR departments, people and organizations now and in the future. Read the report at www.stateofagilehr.com.


Date: 24th August 2020
Time: 4 – 5 pm (GTM+2)

Minke Buizer

Minke is an agile coach and strategic business consultant with a passion for developing people & culture (HR). She is specialized in transforming HR for Agile organizations and is also author of the book  ‘Agile HR’ (2017).

Willemijn Dijk

Willemijn is an agile coach with a great passion for Agile HR. Willemijn helps, with her creativity and digital agility, online and offline teams to achieve results in an energetic and visual way. She is co-author of the very first international State of Agile HR. 

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