The first international State of Agile HR

The HU University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Organize Agile, is proud to launch the first State of Agile HR. Organize Agile was inspired by the annual ‘State of Agile’ (now in its 13th edition) and the ‘State of Agile Marketing’ (now in its 2nd). Both studies give insights into the current developments, popular agile practices and lessons learned in the transformation towards an agile organization. In our view, the burgeoning and pioneering field of Agile HR could not be left behind. That is why we work with the HU University of Applied Sciences to create in-depth research and knowledge of Agile HR as it is today. We aim for it to demonstrate the most significant developments and challenges for Agile HR worldwide.
2 July 2019
Àpun Houben
Organize Agile

State of Agile HR

Gidion Peters, speaker and author on the topic of Agile HR and initiator of the State of Agile HR, observes that HR professionals are often still discovering the workings and value of Agile HR. “HR departments can be of great influence in the transformation towards an agile organization. To properly support the business in this transformation it is essential to be well-informed about developments in the field of business agility. With the State of Agile HR, we hope to provide answers and knowledge provided by peers in the HR industry. This will help them on their agile journey: whether that is taking small steps or transforming towards an agile HR department or organization.’

Kirsten Bakker, who conducts research for the HU Univerisity of Applied Sciences within Human Resource Management, thinks that Agile HR can be a great source of inspiration for current HR departments. “Not only is there an opportunity for HR departments to support the business in its ongoing change and increased flexibility. An HR department that embraces Agile itself, might become more productive, add more value and provide HR professionals with more autonomy. In the end, whether these benefits are accrued, is an outcome of how well HR is able to manage its own change.”

How can you help?

We are currently collecting data for the State of Agile HR. If your HR department or organization is applying or would like to apply Agile ways of thinking, working and organizing, you can be part of this research! Click here to complete the survey. It will take about 15 minutes of your time. Participants who complete the survey before the 17th of May, 2019 are eligible to win a free seat in our 3-day Agile HR training in New York City or the Netherlands, which is certified by the International Consortium for Agile. Whether Agile HR is new to you or you are an accomplished practitioner, your experience will be very helpful. Learn more about the State of Agile HR at

Àpun Houben