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Fighting Crime with Agility: Lessons in agile transformation from the Dutch Police

On February 4th, at the Business Agility Conference Africa in Johannesburg, Michiel van Gerven shared some of the lessons he learned about agile transformation from working with the Dutch Police.

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How to turn your biggest agile skeptics into fans

Every organization has a Julia -- most have many. They can suck the energy right out of a team and any change initiative. Often our first instinct would be to...

Agile Politie

6 lessons in agile leadership from the Dutch Police

As a police officer, your work is constantly under a magnifying glass and you have to learn to perform under constant pressure. Your caseload leaves you with very little time...

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Stop wasting delicious pizza! A sustainable way to experience the principles of Kanban

We love using games in our training courses at Organize Agile. There is already a lot out there and available for everyone. Not all games however are very sustainable. Although...


Agile and legislation, paradox or happy couple?

Complexity and technical challenges The Netherlands is a well organized country. We are fortunate to have a strong infrastructure, virtually […]

Halloween Organize Agile

Zombie Scrum - how scary is it?

It’s Halloween, a celebration in which the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead become blurred. Scary movies with zombies may come to mind, but have you...

example duplo scaled agile game requirements

Duplo Scaled Agile Game

The Duplo Scaled Agile game is a short game that illustrates the benefits of organizing in end-to-end feature teams over component teams.

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Agile leadership

Three must reads for after the summer

Summertime is the time when I have some extra time for reading. As I have been reading up on Leadership and what it means within an agile context, I came...

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These are the 5 benefits of Scrum

Lately, I have been giving several Scrum training sessions, mostly in-house to non-IT folks. When I start explaining the basics of the Scrum framework to them, they eagerly want to...