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Why true agile transformation requires apex predators

Most of you have probably seen the video 'How wolves change rivers' (it's embedded below). It famously describes how the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone national park changes the entire...

Organize Agile

The first international State of Agile HR

The HU University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Organize Agile, is proud to launch the first State of Agile HR. Organize Agile was inspired by the annual ‘State of...

Team Organize Agile

Teamtrip to London 2019

This month Organize Agile celebrated her 5th year anniversary. Our founders decided to take the team on a trip to London. It was filled with inspiring visits and meetings with...

police detective in front of scrum board

Tackling Crime: how one police unit and prosecutor use Scrum to eat into their backlog of cases

When training Agile Coaches in the Dutch National Police one of them mentioned to me that he had recently started a Scrum experiment at one Police unit, the Common Crimes...

holacractic circles and roles

Experiments with Holacracy: Why we stopped doing it, and what we learned along the way.

My colleague Minke’s recent article ‘Getting started as an employee experience chief’ triggered some questions about why we at Organize Agile abandoned Holacracy. It’s not an easy question to answer...


Getting Started as an Employee Experience Chief

Because I believe in radical transparency and learning from (each other's) mistakes I will be sharing my experiences, stumbling blocks, frustrations, and successes in my new role. Below you will...

Organize Agile

The Cobbler’s children…

In the previous six months we have worked really hard. By coaching our clients we have helped them to liberate themselves from old-fashioned command and control structures. We have helped...

Organize Agile

Key challenges for Agile: Confronting the bad and the ugly

Agile is helping to change the future of work. Over the past few years Agile ways of working have spread over a wide range of disciplines and organizations. This happy...

tijdens een agile training worden pionnen gebruikt tijdens verschillende agile trainingsspelletjes
Blog Stable teams

From project teams to stable agile teams

Any organization when they first start working with scrum or other agile frameworks do so in project teams. These teams stay together for the duration of the project, meet regularly...